As of last week, Rancho Santa Fe’s Golf Club is considering two new membership categories. These categories would grant membership privileges to the significant others and extended family of club members. The club’s manager said that the “significant other” membership is meant for club members who are unmarried or divorced, but live with or wish […]

When Rancho Santa Fe resident Charles Butler found that he had 28,000 square feet un-rented space next to his American Faucet and Coatings Corp. building, he wanted to find a way to put it to good use. The thought of opening another business, however, didn’t feel right. After mulling over various ideas such as storing […]

Rancho Santa Fe has long been known for its overall affluence, decorated by miles of green, lush landscapes, and award-winning golf courses and country clubs.  It is certainly no surprise, then, that its neighborhoods have attracted all kinds of unique and talented individuals over the years. From Olympic gold medalist Shaun White to Man Vs. […]

Just before the Thanksgiving Holiday, a fifth grade Rancho Santa Fe Eagles Robotics Team called the Maze Runners, from R. Roger Rowe School, earned a first-place ribbon at the Escondido Robotics Qualifier. This victory allowed the Maze Runners to advance to the First Lego League, or FLL, Southern California Championship in LEGOLAND at Carlsbad on […]

The countdown to Christmas has begun, and Rancho Santa Fe is ready to celebrate!  From ice-skating to christmas tree lightings and holiday-themed menus, Rancho Santa Fe has got it all, and you don’t want to miss out.  We’ve done the research for you and found some activities to get you in the holiday spirit.  Here are some […]

16-year-old Sarah Lackey has spent time on her school’s student council, hangs out with friends on the weekend, and is currently a junior at Cathedral Catholic High School.  She is just your average teenager, who also happens to be a serious book lover.  The Rancho Santa Fe teenager adores books so much that she founded […]

The Rancho Santa Fe Foundation recently added a community event space. They hope to utilize the extra 860 square foot room to host meetings; and the room is fully equipped to do so. Complete with a huge white board and big-screen TV, the room is built with the intention of providing a space for donors […]

The RSF Garden Club clubhouse is now a prime piece of available Rancho Santa Fe real estate. Having voted against buying the clubhouse themselves, the Covenant board of RSF hopes that this “valuable community asset” will be bought by a legacy buyer who will opt to use it for the community rather than for development. Either […]