Rancho Santa Fe Luxury Real Estate values rose this year in the second quarter of 2014 in San Diego with values up 1.1% from the first quarter, and 9.4% year-over-year.  This rise can be attributed to “robust demand, continued low interest rates and limited inventory,” according to Katherine August-deWilde, President of First Republic Bank.  “In the […]

In a recent survey, almost half of respondents suggested that they were considering buying a high-end luxury home – a commodity that the neighborhoods of Rancho Santa Fe is known to offer. On the list of one of the highest income communities in the United States, Rancho Santa Fe Real Estate boasts incredible luxury homes accompanied by picturesque […]

In today’s technologically advanced world, schools and districts in cities all over the country are encouraging students to push their boundaries in fields of science and technology; Rancho Santa Fe has been no exception. RSF school district prides itself on its commitment to learning through active participation and a rich academic experience, which it achieves […]