Located in Escondido, California, is San Pasqual Academy, a unique educational facility designed specifically for foster teens.  The Academy’s special cause has engaged dozens of supporters, including Rancho Santa Fe resident Dagmar Helgager and her friends. Without their help, there’s a chance that San Pasqual Academy might not be what it is today – a […]

It’s well known that the citizens of Rancho Santa Fe appreciate a high standard of living and overall affluence.  But while the community certainly boasts an opulent lifestyle, it more importantly advocates for philanthropy and good will.  Take for example, a few of last month’s events.  Every month in Rancho Santa Fe you can count […]

On May 2nd, the Rancho Santa Fe Garden Club, RSF Country Friends and The RSF Book Cellar are working together to put on a “spring cleaning” sale, an attempt to give the community reasons to give back. This is not the first time that such organizations have put on an event to benefit the Rancho […]

As of last week, Rancho Santa Fe’s Golf Club is considering two new membership categories. These categories would grant membership privileges to the significant others and extended family of club members. The club’s manager said that the “significant other” membership is meant for club members who are unmarried or divorced, but live with or wish […]

Last year at New York Fashion Week, Rancho Santa Fe native and 2003 Torrey Pines High School graduate Carrie Hammer put on a unique fashion show: “Role Models Not Runway Models.” The fashion show featured models that aren’t typically seen on the runway in an attempt to show that there are many different forms of […]

When Rancho Santa Fe resident Charles Butler found that he had 28,000 square feet un-rented space next to his American Faucet and Coatings Corp. building, he wanted to find a way to put it to good use. The thought of opening another business, however, didn’t feel right. After mulling over various ideas such as storing […]

Rancho Santa Fe has long been known for its overall affluence, decorated by miles of green, lush landscapes, and award-winning golf courses and country clubs.  It is certainly no surprise, then, that its neighborhoods have attracted all kinds of unique and talented individuals over the years. From Olympic gold medalist Shaun White to Man Vs. […]

  Lynn Moon of Rancho Santa Fe has many passions: helping others, raising awareness about animals and animal issues, and supporting artists and artwork of all kinds.  For the past three-and-a-half years, she has been able to fulfill all of her passions through her very own nonprofit: Art for Barks. Art for Barks is an online community that […]

Just before the Thanksgiving Holiday, a fifth grade Rancho Santa Fe Eagles Robotics Team called the Maze Runners, from R. Roger Rowe School, earned a first-place ribbon at the Escondido Robotics Qualifier. This victory allowed the Maze Runners to advance to the First Lego League, or FLL, Southern California Championship in LEGOLAND at Carlsbad on […]

For many years, Rancho Santa Fe has served its residents with first-class facilities, accessible resources, and opportunities to engage in a variety of hobbies and activities.  Rancho Santa Fe Estate & Fine Jewelry is just one example of a business that has not only catered to those interested in buying and collecting jewelry, but has […]