Last week, the Rancho Santa Fe Association’s Committee on the Natural Environment (CONE) brought together water experts from around the community to discuss bringing recycled water to the Ranch. The discussion was carried out by representatives of number of local agencies, including members from the Santa Fe Irrigation District, the Rancho Santa Fe Golf Club, […]

Many upscale consumers in luxury real estate are making eco-friendly choices in today’s world of ‘going green’. Methods of doing so range from conserving water with programmable sprinkler systems, using permeable pavers, saving captured rain water, using natural materials, and using efficient appliances. Many luxury owners often invest in new technologies like geothermal, solar, and […]

Google “U.S. housing market”, and you will find quite a bit of news about a market that is still recovering; a market in which buyers and sellers can only predict an uncertain future.  Indeed, if you do some research, you might find that in many places prices are flat and sales are dropping.  However, not everyone […]

California is home to many of the country’s most sought-after ZIP codes and real estate. From bustling centers of innovation to small rural communities, California holds many of the top places to live and their dream homes do not disappoint. Listed are a few attractive communities in California and a featured home from each. Atherton […]