The Versace Interior Design Collection

In the recent years, various big names in the fashion industry have crossed the fine lines in design to show their capability in interior design and not only putting together beautifully designed clothes. For example, recently, Ralph Lauren opened The Polo Bar, their third restaurant in New York; Alexander Wang produced a set of furniture for Poltrona Frau; and the Armani Group announced their plans for the luxurious Armani Residences in Miami, Florida.

The list also includes another big brand, Versace, known for designing, manufacturing and selling luxury products ranging from high fashion to jewelry, perfumes, dinner sets and furniture.

Versace’s Home Collection is the natural addition to the brand. However, it isn’t a new development as the line was initially unveiled in 1992 with custom textiles for home interiors, and then it expanded to classic furniture designs.

This reunion introduced the La Coupe des Dieux dining chair and the Palazzo Empire sofa. With such dramatic pieces, Versace Home takes the Fashion House’s luxury and glamour into daily living. Its latest offerings are sleek, stylish and carrying graphic prints and design cues that are signature to Versace.

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Versace Interior Design Collection

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