Unsigned 1st Round Pick Bosa Holding Out Of Training Camp Due To Contract Dispute

By: Connor Barry

As the month of August is on the horizon, that means training camp is beginning around the league for NFL teams. Players will be reporting to begin preparation for the upcoming season. That is not the case for Chargers First Round Pick, Joey Bosa. I understand that there are some red flags for Bosa because of what his agent wrote in his contract, but that doesn’t provide a valid reason to skip training camp, especially as a rookie. If you aren’t showing up, why would that change the mind of Tom Telesco to guarantee money if something was to happen with Bosa physically or psychologically? This hold out says a lot about Joey Bosa the person.  This move won’t sit well with guys who are established leaders of the team like Phillip Rivers or Melvin Ingram. The coaches will be furious that they have to play the Ohio State standout once he signs whenever it may be, knowing that if they don’t, they could be in trouble with the ownership and team executives. He’s causing a lot of frustration and he hasn’t played a game. As an NFL rookie, you can’t expect to get away with things the way you might have in college. If he continues to hold out, you might as well get rid of him. When John Elway was drafted by the Colts, a team he refused to sign with, he was traded. Tom Telesco needs to do something fast to prevent Bosa to continue his hold out should that be just giving him what he wants & signing him, or trade him to a team for the rights of their future draft picks.

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