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U.S. New Target for Luxury Real Estate Investors

The Rancho Santa Fe community is a hot bed for Luxury Real Estate, but apparently, so are the United States as a whole. In a new survey conducted by the Association of Foreign Investors in Real Estate, the U.S. had four cities ranked among the top 5 cities in the world for foreign real estate investors.

London, England did snag the number one spot, but the other luxury real estate hot beds were, in descending order, New York, San Francisco, Houston, and Los Angeles. Traditionally New York, San Francisco, and Los Angeles have ranked high on the list, but particularly surprising among the results this year was Houston’s high rank. In years past it has trailed distantly behind other U.S. cities, but no longer, it would appear. A spike in luxury real estate investment in the U.S. is a good sign for a recovering economy and real estate market. The influx of investors points towards a hopeful future.

Among the most active investors, those from China and Canada represented the fastest growth percentage. Economic conditions in the U.S. have been on a slow, but steady positive rise, a fact that is believed to have attracted so many foreign nationals. So what does this mean for the Rancho Santa Fe community? Well, while we’re not entirely sure, we’re certain it doesn’t mean anything negative. Luxury real estate sales are on the rise, and if it’s any indication, the Rancho Santa Fe community will continue to thrive.

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