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Town Hall set to review Rancho Santa Fe’s Governing Documents

Rancho Santa Fe Association

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The Rancho Santa Fe Association has set a date to review the Associations Governing Documents for April 27th, 2016 at 4pm and will take place at 17022 Avenida de Acacias, Rancho Santa Fe.

Topics of discussion are the following proposed changes to the Articles and Bylaws:

  • Create equity and fairness in voting
  • Simplify and make consistent both documents
  • Comport with the 2014 Davis-Stirling Act and the California Corporations Code

Members are encouraged to review the proposed changes and bring their thoughts and comments on paper this April 27th.

You can review the proposed changes by picking up copies at their office or visiting the Association’s website www.rsfassociation.org for information.

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