Strawberry Fields Mall Carlsbad

Tensions Continue in Carlsbad over Proposed Mall Development

Strawberry Fields Mall Carlsbad

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Tensions continue in Carlsbad as plans for the proposed open-air shopping mall are now facing a possible public vote.

This past month 9,100 petition signatures were turned in by citizens of Carlsbad opposing the approved mall development plans by the Carlsbad City Council. The 203 acre land overlooking Agua Hedionda Lagoon has been primarily used for strawberry growing.  Developer Caruso Affiliated plans to use a 85/15 rule, meaning it would occupy 85% of the land with the mall development and 15% would be left to continue with farming, which Caruso Affiliated is ample space.

Carlsbad citizens and local organizations, who have now backed the petition, feel different.  State Law states that 10% of all registered voters in the area must sign the petition in order for it to move forward. By the numbers, they are well above that and as long as all the signatures are approved and valid, then City Council will have to most likely setup an election in the upcoming year.


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