Tebow switching focus to Baseball?

Tim Tebow never had the opportunity to establish himself as an NFL quarterback. He got traded away from the Broncos after they landed then free agent, Peyton Manning. The day Manning signed was what I believed ruined his career. He led the team to an AFC West title and to an overtime win over the Steelers in the Wild Card Round. He was then traded to the Jets, assigned to a backup role, and never saw much of the field. After failing to make the roster for the Patriots and Eagles in the last three years, Tebow will now pursue a career in professional baseball. The 2007 Heisman trophy winner refused to switch positions in his jump to the NFL, so the fact that he would decide to try a new sport at the professional level shocks me. Tebow had a .494 batting average in his junior year of high school, but after discovering footage of him in the cages, his swing says otherwise. He has no rhythm in his swing whatsoever. He starts the swing with his load, pauses, and then starts again to make contact. Think Curtis Granderson. If that’s what Tebow’s going with, he should stick with trying to land a spot on an NFL roster. He didn’t do anything to prove he doesn’t deserve to be on a team. I don’t think he could establish himself in professional baseball either. He’s going into his thirties and would be nothing more than a publicity stunt if he was to be signed. The only true motivation that a team could have to sign Tebow is if a team’s jersey sales are down and don’t have a solution. Similar to the Padres when they drafted Johnny Manziel back in 2014. That was a hit for the Padres as they were able to bring in extra cash for Padres Manziel jerseys. Although Tim Tebow is serious about playing professional baseball, I do not see it being a success. It’ll be interesting to see how his attempt to play professional baseball will pan out.

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