Secrets to Amazing Superfood Smoothies and $10 Off!

How you look and feel is a direct result of what you put in your body. At Beaming, our mission is simple;  To inspire and empower people of all ages to create a life of health, happiness & well-being. Fortunately, achieving this has never been easier with more and more healthy options… and Superfood Smoothies are one of the easiest, fastest and most convenient ways to get a whole lot of delicious nutrition in one glass.


Superfoods are just as they sound – SUPER-FOODS – the most nutrient dense foods on the planet.


Whether you are local to our first gourmet superfood cafe location in San Diego (with more coming in Southern California in the next few months! Stay tuned! ) or live across the country, we love sharing our secrets for making superfood smoothies at home for your whole family. Having spent hours and hours in the kitchen over the past 20 years making smoothies, I can confidently say that I have near mastered the art of creating power packed meals in a glass that are so delicious that even my kids and their friends love.


My biggest challenge when making a good superfood smoothie with protein was not being able to find a protein powder that I liked. I tried every option I could find – from every powder on the shelves of Whole Foods to those only found online.  YUCK! They were either good for you but tasted horrible or others that tasted great but were filled with Xylotol or too much chemical tasting Stevia or processed whey, soy or other not-so-good-for-you ingredients. This challenge became the birth of the Beaming Superfood Plant Protein powders which, I am proud to say, has helped us create the most delicious, full proof and good-for-you protein smoothies around. With only organic plant proteins – hemp, chia, pea and brown rice protein along with superfoods such as maca (energy, hormone balancing and libido) and superfood greens (chlorella, spirulina, blue-green algae), lucuma, mesquite, cinnamon and more, it’s a power-packed plant protein blend that allows one scoop to give you all you need for a meal replacement, snack or post workout refuel.  And you don’t have to figure out what superfoods to add since we have already done that for you. Because it’s a plant-based protein, it makes it much easier for your body to digest than whey or soy protein.


So time to play in the kitchen… On the blog today are some of our favorite smoothie recipes to get you started as well as a link to a great article in Delicious Living Magazine featuring even more Beaming superfood smoothie recipes.


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Making superfood smoothies at home has never been easier.

Our Beaming Superfood Smoothie Kit contains all of the ingredients needed for you to blend and experiment to your heart’s (and body’s) content. The included products are the of finest quality available and sourced from the planet’s most reliable organic sources. You will also receive a copy of our Superfood Smoothie eBook loaded with recipes and helpful information on becoming a smoothie blending master.

All natural, organic, raw and gluten-free.

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The nutritional benefit and taste of our Organic Raw Plant Based Superfood Protein Blend with Greens is unsurpassed with 12 grams of protein. We have sourced only select organic superfoods of incomparable quality and combined them in a soy, dairy, and gluten free, high protein blend that is delicious!

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Introducing our NEW Superfood Smoothie ebook!

We are so excited and proud to announce the release of our new Superfood Smoothie ebook.
A gorgeous 40+ page book filled with recipes, education and so much more.  Everything you would want to know about superfoods with recipes on making the perfect superfood smoothies at home. We’ve simplified the process for you – and the possibilities are endless and oh so delicious.

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