Rancho Santa Fe “Hot” Neighborhood for Real Estate

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Rancho Santa Fe is a thriving community

If the booming real estate market and thriving community wasn’t enough to clue you in, allow me to specify now: Rancho Santa Fe is a hot neighborhood. Not in the temperature sense, obviously, but in a real estate and community sense. From weekly community events, to mom and pop shops, to frequent charitable giving and fundraising efforts, the area is a hotbed for activity and good, honest living.

In a recent article on, contributor Tara-Nicholle Nelson wrote of the seven signs of how to tell when a neighborhood was primed to “get hot.” Unsurprisingly, not only did Rancho Santa Fe meet most of the requirements, the community has also been continually sustaining such activities. Writes Nelson: “When a co-working space, a Whole Foods or a Blue Bottle coffee moves into the neighborhood, it’s a sign that the nature of things might be changing.” The RSF area features an abundance of these shops, and has for some time.

On the same note, Nelson also writes that “at least one major economic development” needs to be brewing. “One large-scale employer or infrastructure development can be a very early, very strong sign that an area will see its real estate fortunes rise.” With the continued development of additional housing communities, Rancho Santa Fe is a real estate hotbed.

So the next time you’re looking for a hot community in which to live or own real estate, look no further than Rancho Santa Fe. We’re not just primed to “get hot,” we already are, and have been for a significant amount of time.

The full text of Nelson’s article can be found here

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