Rancho Santa Fe to Organize Jazz Concert to Honor Jack Wheaton

The Rancho Santa Fe Library Guild in collaboration with Rancho Santa Fe Community Guild is organizing a Jazz concert in memory of musician Jack Wheaton. The event is titled as “A Tribute to Jack Wheaton”. One of the most noted names in music industry, Jack Wheaton passed away at the age of 82 on January 25, 2015, following a long illness. Jack Wheaton was leader of the Rancho Santa Fe Big Band for around 12 years and this concert has been organized as a tribute to his distinguished musical career.

“A Tribute to Jack Wheaton” is going to be organized at the Nan and Charles Werner Patio on Thursday, 26th May 2016. The timing for the concert is 5 p.m. – 7 p.m. Jack Wheaton was not only a performer for the Rancho Santa Fe Big Band; he was also a writer, music teacher and arranger. This outdoor concert will feature several well-known musicians who have worked along Jack Wheaton in his career.

Jack Wheaton is survived by his wife, Jeannie, two sons and six grandsons. The journey of Jack Wheaton as a musician has been very interesting. Music was introduced to him at a very early age being the son classical violinist father and a dance band leader in Denver. Since music was always around Wheaton, his interest and love for music developed at a young age. He was just 8 years old when he first started playing trumpet and 10 years old when he started piano.

Jack Wheaton started learning music and got his master’s degree in music from the University of Denver. He taught music for 12 years at the Cerritos College in Los Angeles. While being in California, he earned his doctorate in music from the University of California. Jack Wheaton also served as the Administrative Director of Jazz Studies here. He was awarded the lifetime achievement award by the Jazz Educators of California. Jack Wheaton was known for his simplicity and modesty, and the way he never wore his musical capabilities on the sleeve surprised his fellow musicians. His enthusiasm for music made him a visionary and he became an inspiration for several other musicians.

The Rancho Santa Fe Big Band was founded when Jack Wheaton was approached by Dom Addario and his friend to start a garage band. They were simply amazed by the group of outstanding musicians that Wheaton has assembled. This 17 piece band performed for 12 years with Jack Wheaton as its leader. Most of the band members as well as fellow musicians admire the arrangement and leadership capabilities Wheaton showed with the RSF Big Band.

Jack Wheaton also served as the President of The Musicians Association of San Diego County and International Association for Jazz Education. During his tenure, he recorded 10 CDs and these are considered to be among his greatest achievements. He composed film scores for around four films. He has also authored more than 15 books on music and jazz. It is said that he spent around 10 years in research on the power of music and how it affects people. His observation on how few notes of music can move people to tears or joy can be found in his book “The Amazing Power of Music”.

The concert will be a jazz sextet with Pete DeLuke clarinet/sax sideman, Dana Wheaton on trombone, Dom Addario on trumpet, John Guilino on piano and vocalist Marie Addario. It will also include members from the Rancho Santa Fe Big Band and residents of the community. The audience are expected to hear some of the most popular and loved songs of Wheaton’s career in this outdoor concert.

Jack Wheaton will be sincerely missed on-stage as well as off-stage by all his fellow musicians. Organizers of this outdoor concert hope it will be a wonderful event in the memory of the talented musician.

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