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Rancho Santa Fe Resident Turns Garage Space Into Motor Club

When Rancho Santa Fe resident Charles Butler found that he had 28,000 square feet un-rented space next to his American Faucet and Coatings Corp. building, he wanted to find a way to put it to good use. The thought of opening another business, however, didn’t feel right.

After mulling over various ideas such as storing motor homes and boats, Butler finally settled on turning his extra storage space into a garage for luxury collector cars, and called it the Rancho Santa Fe Motor Club and Storage.

Located off Palomar Road, the Rancho Santa Fe Motor Club has seen a lot of traffic in the past 9 months. Since its doors opened in April 2014, the club has gained 85 luxury cars.

To keep these cars safe, the garage has a state-of-the-art security system, and is gated in with codes to enter every part of the facility. Members can also load an app into their phones that allows them to see live footage of all areas of the facility via numerous security cameras.

The club’s lounge is newly renovated, complete with a flat-screen TV, conference room, couches, a bar, and even art for sale! Obviously, customer service is extremely important to Butler.

Some of the cars the club boasts include a Lincoln that belonged to both former President Ronald Reagan and to actor Steve McQueen, as well as a 57 T-bird and a Rolls Royce.

Members can either opt to have their cars put out for show, or for private storage space. The Rancho Santa Fe Motor Club acts more like a “middle man” between buyers and collectors than as a rare car dealer.

In addition to being a great space to store cars, the Rancho Santa Fe Motor Club can also be rented out for events. Last year, the club hosted a pre-Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance event, with specialty show cars brought in, as well as a black-tie boxing event, among others.

RSF Motor Club black tie event  ℅:

RSF Motor Club black tie event

Judging by the club’s success and popularity, it’s safe to say that Butler’s creativity paid off, and that he made the right choice in turning his extra space into a luxury car collector’s club. The club was something unique that Rancho Santa Fe did not yet have, and as a result has drawn in many members.

More than just being a luxury car garage, however, the RSF Motor Club is a place where luxury car enthusiasts, collectors and buyers can all gather to celebrate a common passion. It is a unique place that gives the community of Rancho Santa Fe another space to come together.

Having these community oriented centers and clubs such as the RSF Motor Club is just one of the things that makes Rancho Santa Fe a great place to live. Whether it’s a Motor Club, a Tennis Club or a community fundraiser, the citizens of Rancho Santa Fe value the sense of togetherness that all of these things bring, and the Rancho Santa Fe Motor Club is a perfect representation of this community spirit.

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