16440 Via a la Casa, Rancho Santa Fe, CA 92067 - Luxury Real Estate

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16440 Via a la Casa, Rancho Santa Fe, CA 92067 - Luxury Real Estate

16440 Via a la Casa, Rancho Santa Fe, CA 92067


When you think “luxury real estate,” it is likely the Rancho Santa Fe Community comes to mind. With beautiful landscapes, posh-mansions, and high-end living, the RSF community is one of the jewels of Southern California. But beyond that, what does it take to qualify as luxury living? In a recent article on Zillow Blog, author Catherine Sherman explored exactly what it takes to make a luxury real estate community.

“Luxury is lifestyle. There’s more to a luxury home than good looks and fancy finishes; these homes are also built with future homeowners’ comfort in mind.” How the homeowner lives is a huge part of the luxury experience. In recent years, builders have begun constructing homes with this in mind, designing spaces specifically for the high-end lifestyle their clients desire.

“Luxury is local. But what sells in one market isn’t necessarily considered luxury in another.” Obviously home trends and designs vary from region to region. The sunny beaches of Florida attract a completely different style of luxury than the skyscraper lofts of Manhattan or the Mediterranean mansions of San Diego. Luxury is local becomes extremely important when considering this fact. It isn’t just the home itself that creates luxury, it’s the community and environment surrounding it.

And lastly, Luxury is luxury. It seems ridiculous, but it’s true. Despite whatever additions or add-ons are made to the home, despite the local community and environment, luxury still has an image to maintain. The Rancho Santa Fe Community is a perfect example. Driving down Paseo Delicias leaves no doubt in one’s mind that RSF is a high-end living community.

So what is luxury? Luxury is lifestyle. Luxury is local. Luxury is Rancho Santa Fe.

The complete article by Sherman can be found online at http://www.zillow.com/blog/what-is-luxury-real-estate-154490/.

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