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Rancho Santa Fe Golf Club Considers New Membership Categories

As of last week, Rancho Santa Fe’s Golf Club is considering two new membership categories. These categories would grant membership privileges to the significant others and extended family of club members.

The club’s manager said that the “significant other” membership is meant for club members who are unmarried or divorced, but live with or wish to golf with their significant other.

The “extended family” membership is meant for those who have not used their golf club membership for years, but still have not cancelled it. These are generally older individuals who still live in the Covenant of Rancho Santa Fe, but no longer make use of their membership.

Under the new “extended family” membership, the children and grandchildren of these inactive users can make use of their membership. By issuing such a membership category, the Golf Club keeps memberships active and avoids cancellations.

Without this new category, transferring a membership from one family member to another would involve a transfer fee of $10.000. Given this, the “extended family” membership category benefits both members and the Golf Club.

These new categories would be great way to include more members of the family in the Golf Club experience, and promote the RSF Golf Club as a great place to join and come together.

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In addition to these two new membership categories, the RSF Golf Club is eliminating the resident associate member category.  The category is currently for former covenant homeowners of at least 10 years who no longer own property in the covenant, but still have all the rights and privileges of a regular golf club member.

After the changes are made, however, resident associate members will be placed in the same category as “former resident” members. The “former resident member” category is for 10-year club members who no longer own property in the covenant.

By joining this category, resident associate members will lose their voting rights on club matters, and pay an additional 10 percent in membership dues.

Among all of these proposed changes, the board is in favor of eliminating the resident associate member category, as well as creating the new “significant other category.”  As far as the “extended family” addition goes, this change received less support, as the board members felt that the variety of different memberships being added was confusing.

The board also expressed that all of these new memberships seemed to focus on letting more people who do not live within the Rancho Santa Fe covenant be a part of the Golf Club.  Despite this reaction, however, there are still a few board members and RSF residents that believe the club should focus on expanding its membership if it’s going to survive in the long run.

With membership at a relatively low number of about 500 people, the club could use all the new members and patrons it can get. For the time being, we’ll have to wait and see which changes will actually be implemented, and which will be put on the back burner.

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