Rancho Santa Fe Foundation allocates funds to nonprofits in San Diego

The Patriots Connection Rancho Santa Fe

Rancho Santa Fe Foundation has a certain program called The Patriots Connection that encourages donors to support local causes for members of the military. Their outreach process is quite an extensive one that brings several organizations and programs to the fore. Recently, this venture awarded grants of about $100,200 to a total of 9 nonprofit military operations based in San Diego. This is not the first time, as The Patriots Connection has wholeheartedly served to this purpose since 2009 by offering 135 grants worth $1.2 million to the military community.

Rancho Santa Fe Foundation has always honored and supported the members of the military in San Diego for the services they render to the nation. Their program has not only increased the awareness among all about the needs of the military but also come out with more effective programs to address these needs. As Paula Powers who heads the chair of the Grants & Projects Committee rightly said that The Patriots Connection has always tried to meet “the areas of greatest need with the highest levels of effectiveness.”

There were following areas where grants were offered to members and families of the military:

  • Fundamentals- Operation Homefront, STEP or Support the Enlisted Project
  • Physical & Mental Health- PAVE or Physician Advocates for Veterans
  • Education & Jobs- Workshops for warriors
  • Social & Personal Connections- Wreaths across America

A good thing about the Emergency Financial Assistance at STEP is the provision of education, emergency or counseling help. Or the program called Wheelchairs for Warriors that offers lightweight and tailor-made wheels at the Warrior Foundation Freedom Station.

The Patriots Connection feels honored and thankful for the contribution.

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