Rancho Santa Fe Community to offer more affordable Real Estate Options

Rancho Santa Fe Inn

When one thinks of the Rancho Santa Fe community, it isn’t surprising if the first things that come to mind are generally beautiful landscapes, easy living, and luxury real estate. Since its founding in the 1920’s the community has upheld these as core values important to the town. Now in an unprecedented, but perhaps very intelligent decision, it has been announced that The Inn at Rancho Santa Fe is considering a new step-down housing project.

In an attempt to maximize available real estate space, The Inn is considering the possibility of building around 34 new “step-down” properties. The plan will add three new neighborhoods to the Rancho Santa Fe community, The Grove, La Gracia Village, and The Orchard. Though Rancho Santa Fe has traditionally been known for its luxury real estate, recent research and market surveys suggest the community could benefit from a small amount of step-down housing.

The project was presented to the Rancho Santa Fe Associated board where it was reported the board “liked the concept and product quality and felt it would be something positive for Rancho Santa Fe,” the Rancho Santa Fe Review recently reported. A break from the traditional luxury real estate atmosphere could help vitalize the community, ensuring a diversity of families can enjoy the area. As it stands now, The Inn plans to move forward with the project soon. Rancho Santa Fe may be known for beautiful landscapes, easy living, and luxury real estate, but going forward, it may also be known for its now blooming wonderful diversity of residents.

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