Rancho Santa Fe Businesses hurting due to parking

Rancho Santa Fe Village Parking Issue

On July 9th, local Rancho Santa Fe merchants and representatives gathered the parking issue.  Simply put, they would like to see stronger parking enforcement for daily offenders.

Owner of Mille Fleurs states “We’re down to 10 merchants and that’s it. Everybody’s suffering like hell and talking about closing.”

Business all over the village have seen sales go down as the lack of parking for their customers can mean a lack of a sale. San Diego County Sheriff Bill Gore said he noticed the problem when he had trouble finding parking at 10am. But Captain Mangan said that citations are up this quarter versus this same time last year.

It is clear something needs to be done and in due time the Rancho Santa Fe village would like something to be done as it hurts the community as a whole.

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