The Rams New Man In Charge

By Connor Barry. The Los Angeles Rams have had a whole series of news since leaving St. Louis. New fan base, new Quarterback, new expectations, and now to go with that, a new Head Coach. The Rams have fired Jeff Fisher weeks after they extended his contract. There is a lot of speculations about who their next coach will be . Names that have been tied to the job are Jon Gruden and Jim Harbaugh. These two coaches have the ability to take the Rams far. It would make sense that Hollywood’s team would have a big name head coach. I doubt that either will take the job, though. Jon Gruden is currently making a salary equivalent to what someone like Bill Belichick makes. He’s the highest paid employee for ESPN by calling sixteen NFL games a year along with his show with incoming Rookie Quarterbacks. Jim Harbaugh on the other hand is not. He’s done a terrific job at Michigan and could come back and thrive in the NFL. The problem is is that Harbaugh is a Michigan guy. He played there under Bo Schembechler in college. There is no way that the opportunity to beat up the 49ers twice a year would lure Harbaugh from Michigan. My choice for the next Rams Head Coach is Falcons Offensive Coordinator, Kyle Shanahan. Son of Mike Shanahan, Kyle has led the Falcons to be one of the top passing attacks in the league this season, which the Rams are far from. Shanahan in my opinion would be the perfect coach for LA given that he can put Goff in a position to succeed, along with the offense as a whole and also to change the culture. The Rams have been a 9 loss team year after year. With a winning mindset under new leadership, the Rams can join the elite level of NFL teams.

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