Patriots Keep Winning, And Keep Losing Fill Ins For Brady

By: Connor Barry

When Tom Brady was suspended for four games for the deflate gatefiasco, it was a given that backup Quarterback, Jimmy Garoppolo, would be filling in the shoes of the three time Super Bowl Champion. That was the plan until he injured his shoulder against the Dolphins, giving rookie, Jacoby Brissett the reigns for Week Three’s matchup against the Houston Texans. And he did not disappoint. He completed 11 of 19 passes for 108 yards along with 48 on the ground that included a 27 Yard run for a touchdown. But like Garroppolo, the Rookie Quarterback out of North Carolina St went down with an injury. This time a sprained thumb that may require surgery. So in Week 4, the final week of Tom Brady’s suspension, what should the Patriots do? Jimmy Garropolo could possibly return once for next Sunday’s matchup against the Bills, but to me, I think the team should look outside the box rater than rushing a player through the recovery process. Heck, the Quarterback position is the only position in football that you have to have a shoulder in flawless condition. Julian Edelman, the team’s emergency Quarterback, has gotten snaps under center in practices the past week, but he should be seen as only that. An emergency option. Given the success that Garropolo and Brissett have had, Bill Belichick should have no problem bringing in a free agent Quarterback. I think the player the Pats should go after is Matt Flynn. Flynn was set to backup Jimmy Garoppolo last season when Tom Brady was set to serve his four game suspension before it was lifted. Another Quarterback the team should consider going after is Ryan Lindley, who also took part in the Patriots training camp before he was beat out by Matt Flynn for the third spot on the Quarterbacks’ depth chart last year. It will be interesting to see what Bill Belichick has up his sleeve for the coming week.

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