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No Progress In Chargers and Bosa Negotiations; Reentering Draft in 2017 A Possibility

By Connor Barry

The San Diego Chargers have continued to fail to reach an agreement with their first round pick, Joey Bosa. The involvement of offset language in the contract has been the reason why the two sides have repeatedly failed to agree. Other top picks in this year’s draft such as Rams Quarterback, Jared Goff and Jaguars Defensive Back, Jalen Ramsey also had offset language in their contracts, but were able to work things out with their respective teams. Both Ramsey and Goff are now signed without offset language in their rookie contracts. With the cheap negotiators that the Chargers are, they could take the route the Titans did when they negotiated with Quarterback, Marcus Mariota. The two sides wound up agreeing to meet in the middle and got a deal done that involved partial offset language. After Bosa and his agent, Todd France turned down the Bolts’ most recent offer, the team turned it into a PR war, blasting the former Ohio St standout in a team statement. It was very unprofessional of the team to make the details of the deal public and to rip into their 1st round pick for not signing, despite keeping offset language a part of the deal. At the end of the day, the Chargers could lose their highest drafted player since 2004 with no compensation. Although the Chargers have screwed up on their part, this doesn’t mean Bosa is off the hook. I did not like the idea of holding out of training camp at all and it likely hurt himself in the negotiating process. If you’re a GM, would you take offset language out of a contract for a guy that’s in the weight room, performing in practices, or a guy that decides not to show up at all? Both sides have done their part to make this negotiation the dumpster fire that it is and they need to regroup. If both sides stand strong on the whole offset language ordeal, put your egos aside and meet in the middle.

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