No Funds being allotted for Roundabouts

Recent reports suggesting that San Diego County may receive funding for building three roundabouts on Paseo Delicias/Del Dios Highway are now said to be false. The roundabouts have been requested by Rancho Santa Fe Association and are expected to be completed by first quarter of 2017.

It was being said funding has been granted in the board meeting held on May 5. But, this news has been termed incorrect by Alex Bell, communications officer for San Diego County. Alex Bell further stated that they have not identified any other source of funding beyond the Environmental Impact Report (EIR). The EIRs are expected to be finalized by the end of May. This statement gives an official confirmation that no additional funding is being allotted for roundabouts on Paseo Delicias/Del Dios Highway.

Total estimated cost to “refresh” and certify the expired roundabout is around $75000. San Diego County requested for $60,000 from the Association while the county possesses the remaining $15000 required for the project. The county has accepted $60,000 from the Association. The decision of roundabouts was done in November last year through a community-wide survey.

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