Marthe Cohn to Inspire on the WWII French Jewish spy

Marthe Cohn at Rancho Santa Fe

The day is confirmed, and Mrs. Marthe Cohn is all set for the “Behind Enemy Lines, an Evening with Mrs. Marthe Cohn” to be organized on June 30th in Rancho Santa Fe.

It is not just about the enemy lines, but Marthe Cohn revives the days of the World War II with her inspirational thoughts over it. Born in the Metz, France on 1920, she was a religious woman who used to live in the France-German Border. However it was during the Nazi occupation when she got parted away from her family but being a real fighter, Mrs. Marthe Cohn decided to fight back by signing up with the intelligence service of the First French Army. She disguised as a German nurse obtaining the language to help the able French officers and also gathered valuable information for the Allied commanders.

At the age of 80, she was awarded the Medaille Militaire which is the highest military honor for the country of France, and it was quite humble for everyone to know that ever her kids could not guess how she faced death in every step of the World War II in order to defeat the huge Nazi Empire.

In the year of 2002, she first jotted down her thoughts and experiences of the World War II on paper and scripted it as a book. Her life, for now, is just to pass around the international countries and share her valuable experience over the globe on the days she had faced.

This is just not all and Cohn will be invited to take her speech at an event hosted at the Benedek Residence in Rancho Santa Fe.

Forr reservations and more information, please contact the Chabad Jewish Center of RSF by calling 858-756-7571 or email to [email protected] You can also visit at

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