Luxury Real Estate Builders Pursue Upscale Apartment Projects

The Woolworth Building and a view of the New York skylineDuring the last decade, luxury real estate buyers became interested in buying ultra-high-end apartment residences. After all, Calvin Klein and Martha Stewart did!

It doesn’t look like that trend will end anytime soon.

In the next decade, the number of billionaires is expected to rise 38%. High end builders are responding with lofty plans for new trophy apartments.

The Woolworth skyscraper in Manhattan was once the tallest building in the world; nearly a century later, it is being renovated and reincarnated as 34 magnificent, multi-million dollar “condos.”

Properties like the ones being built in the Woolworth tower offer unbelievable penthouses that have been described as “castles in the sky.” There has never been anything like it in the history of real estate.

The prices are steep, currently reaching up into $60 million; yet builders are saying that as they introduce their “pinnacle,” there will be no ceiling.



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