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This Luxury Home is “Out of This World”

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Shoot for the stars when you’re searching for a new luxury home, or at least take a minute to admire them. This $3.18 million Orange County property allows you to do just that. The Laguna Nigel luxury estate comes equipped with its own private observatory, perfect for a star fanatic, or the casual astronomer in all of us.

The home’s powerful motorized telescope tracks constellations, planets, and stars using GPS location software, enabling users to learn more about space, and its endless possibilities. Emerging from a custom built office, equipped with a beautiful balcony and amazing fireplace, you proceed up to the one of a kind observatory by carefully traversing the wonderfully designed spiral staircase where you will find the home’s exceptional lookout point.

The amazing telescope is truly one of the home’s exceptional selling points, but the luxury real estate property offers much more to perspective buyers. For example, the backyard contains a large salt water pool, a fire pit, and a spa. Once inside the home you will find a large kitchen and living room, a multiple car garage, and many other great amenities.

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