Local Doctors Spread the Rancho Santa Fe Spirit Abroad

Americans Helping Asian Children (AHAC

With an emphasis on giving back to the community and helping those less fortunate, the Rancho Santa Fe community has long upheld a tradition of selfless service. But recently, board certified audiologist Dr. David K. Woodruff and ENT consultant Dr. Geoffrey A. Smith took it upon themselves to spread the Rancho Santa Fe spirit beyond the sunny shores of California. Volunteering with Americans Helping Asian Children (AHAC), these two generous men journeyed to the Union of Myanmar to provide medical treatment to countless underprivileged children.

Spending nearly three weeks in the country formerly known as Burma, the men traveled to Yangon City where they evaluated over one hundred children and adults. Among the services provided, the Rancho Santa Fe residents offered hearing exams, performed hearing aid fittings, and evaluated children suffering from hearing loss. As well, the men updated course material and taught classes at the Mary Chapman School. The classes focused on educating the attendees on the specifics of hearing loss, as well as how to combat the issue and provide care for those whom it affects. Citing past ventures to aid youth in Asian countries, the Rancho Santa Fe community doctors stated the trip was not their first and it will not be their last. The men feel that, as doctors, it is their duty.

Founded in 1993 and based in San Diego, Americans Helping Asian Children is a non-profit charity focused on providing aid to children with mental or physical disabilities. Rancho Santa Fe residents Dr. Woodruff and Smith’s involvement with the AHAC bettered the children of Myanmar’s lives, and stands to reinforce the values the Rancho Santa Fe community holds dear. It is through the actions of selfless men like these that we better not only our community, but our world.

To find out more about the AHAC, or donate to their cause, visit them online at

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