Lebron James has found a buyer

Lebron James Florida Home

The King of the Court, Lebron James has finally found a home for his 16,700 sq foot mansion in Miami. As most of us know, Lebron left the Miami Heat last year to return home and rejoin the Cleveland Cavaliers. Therefore, it was only fitting he put his Coconut Grove home on the market.

Lebron originally purchased the home back in 2010 for $9 million. In October 2014 he listed it for $17 million and then dropped the price to $15 million, a little under a year later the home is now under contract.

The Coconut Grove area is highly desired by celebrities and athletes alike, so it’s no wonder that the home sold fairly quickly.

While Miami is nice, Jason and Catherine say that The San Diego beach communities are far superior in their offering of overall lifestyle and weather. But of course that would explain why they love the areas of luxury real estate they sell.

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