Kevin Durant signs with Golden State, What Now For Oklahoma City?

Post by: Connor Barry

Kevin Durant has officially signed a 2 year, $54.3 Million deal with the Golden State Warriors, the team that defeated Durant and the Oklahoma City in the Western Conference Finals after trailing three games to one in a best of seven series. I don’t think this is a great move by Durant. He has given up on trying to bring a championship to Oklahoma City by taking the easy way out and signing with the Warriors, the team that eliminated the Thunder from the playoffs. I see this move as almost cheating. The Warriors were world champions last year and with Durant added to the lineup, the Warriors will have one of the strongest starting fives of all time.  And if he does, it will not be as sweet as it would have been if he had won a championship with the Thunder. With the roster the Thunder have, they are definitely capable of winning a championship. The Thunder will have Russell Westbrook alongside newly acquired Victor Oladipo in the backcourt, & Ersan Ilyasova with Steven Adams in the frontcourt. I believe the Thunder will be a contender in the Western Conference. However, numerous reports have surfaced saying that the Thunder will trade Russell Westbrook if he doesn’t sign an extension to stay in Oklahoma. He will be an unrestricted free agent next Summer. If they can’t sign Westbrook, the rebuilding process will likely begin for the Thunder. If Westbrook leaves, I believe there are many destinations he can thrive in. The New Orleans Pelicans would be a great fit for Russell Westbrook where he could team up with Anthony Davis. Having a player like Westbrook would take some weight off of Anthony Davis’ shoulders and create a dynamic duo along with Pelicans 1st round pick, Buddy Hield, who has great three point range. Another team Westbrook would gel with is the San Antonio Spurs. Westbrook pairing up with Kawhi Leonard, Pau Gasol, and LaMarcus Aldridge would create a problem for their opponents should Westbrook sign with the Spurs. To me, those are two teams Russell Westbrook should sign with if he too wants to be crowned an NBA champion. It will be very interesting how the Warriors super team will pan out with Kevin Durant now in the lineup as well as the Thunder and what direction the franchise will go in. This upcoming NBA season will be one for the ages.

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  • Sean B July 9, 2016 at 5:20 pm

    I too was disappointed to se KD go to Warriors – not sure he will get enough touches in their lineup. I would love to see Westbrook back in his stomping ground – lakers or clippers! Thanks for the Great commentary

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