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June Proves to be a great month in Real Estate

645 Front Street, San Diego, CA 92101-BarryEstates

According to the Union Tribune, San Diego saw record numbers reaching an eight year high.

This past month we saw the median price rise by 5.8% as well as seeing 4,467 transactions, up 21% from last month.

“This year’s buying season came with a lot of enthusiasm, and people have a high comfort level to make a purchase decision,” said Mark Goldman, a loan officer and real-estate lecturer at San Diego State University. “Rates are great, there’s a perception of a rate increase, so it’s a measured ‘buy now’ state of mind.”

Mortgages saw a slight rise climbing up to 3.98 for a 20 year fixed mortgage, which is still a historic low. Its a great time to buy in San Diego, especially in areas such as Rancho Santa Fe.

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