Ron Howard Home - Luxury real estate

Howard Home Sale Breaks Real Estate Records


Ron Howard Home - Luxury real estate

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In the world of luxury real estate it isn’t unusual to see properties sell for vast sums of money, even upwards of tens of millions of dollars. These prices are, in part, determined by the cavalcade of luxury amenities that often accompany homes of this sort. However, every now and again a luxury real estate sale simply smashes all the previous records. Actor Ron Howard’s family home did exactly that this past week, selling for a whopping $27.5 million.

In no way lacking for amenities, the home sits on a 32-acre plot in an exclusive gated-community, and boasts a “sports barn,” massive library, nature trails, and a luxurious pool. Oh, and did we mention it has an observatory? But that’s not all. The beautiful, farm home (which still operates as a working farm) weighs in with a tremendous 17,000 square feet of interior space. Even in the world of luxury real estate, that’s a significant amount of square footage.

The buyer of the home has not been disclosed as real estate agents involved in the transaction have remained silent on the matter. Whoever they were, they obviously were not deterred by the exorbitant amount the Howard family was asking. According to Yahoo Home, the price tag on the sale of the Howard estate was unprecedented and exceeded that of any previous home sale in recorded history in Westchester County, New York. Though the county has been on the rise recently, with population and economic growth, the sale of the Howard family home was still surprising to many.

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