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Cowboys Making Bad Decision To Go With Romo

By: Connor Barry

The 2016 NFL Draft was the second straight draft that two Quarterbacks went first and second overall when Jared Goff was selected by the Rams and Carson Wentz by the Eagles. Paxton Lynch rounded up the Quarterbacks taken in the first round when Denver selected the 6’6 Gunslinger late in the 1st Round. However, it’s been the Dallas Cowboys’ rookie Quarterback Dak Prescott who’s been making the noise.

After losing a nail biter against the Giants in the season opener, Prescott alongside fellow rookie, Ezekiel Elliot have led America’s team to a 4-1 record. With Elliot averaging a touchdown per game, Dak Prescott has accounted for seven touchdowns and three of them on the ground. With those type of numbers along with the lead in the NFC East, it may be time to give the keys over to Prescott, right? No. Jerry Jones has informed the media Tony Romo will start when he’s healthy, sending Dak to the bench.

This is a bad move if this is what the Cowboys are planning on doing when their glass Quarterback that is Tony Romo comes back. Romo is a free agent after this season’s conclusion and would be a big waste of money when you have a talent like Dak Prescott on the bench. The Cowboys need to acknowledge that Prescott is ready to become a full time starter. If he was to be putting up Cody Kessler type numbers, then you put him back on the bench. They’re disrespecting their future of the franchise by benching for doing nothing wrong. Just last year it was the Browns who benched Johnny Manziel in favor of Josh McCown despite throwing for 170 yards on eight completions along with two being fifty yard bombs caught by Travis Benjamin. After being benched, the 2012 Heisman Trophy winner checked out and is now unemployed.

Now I’m not saying that if Prescott is forced to ride the pine, he’ll throw his career down the drain, but with the egos that most rookies have considering they were stars in high school and in college, it can really irritate a young player when they are asked to take a second string role. Dam Prescott has looked more comfortable than any rookie Quarterback in the league so far. Jerry Jones needs set Romo free come free agency and ring in the Dak Prescott era for the Dallas Cowboys.

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