Better Broadband Connectivity for Rancho Santa Fe

Rancho Santa Fe Broadband Network

On January 7th at the Rancho Santa Fe Association meeting, it was presented that the deal to bring better broadband connectivity to Rancho Santa Fe via a fiber optic network could be in the works by March.  As of right now, there is two companies currently bidding for the job.

The project can take anywhere between 12 to 15 months to fully complete and cost $15million in total.  With control over the network there will be control over the revenue sharing which should be bring positive cash flow post construction.

Chad Peace of Peace and Shea, RSF Association Consultant stated “We’re excited about the Rancho Santa Fe project because it’s really unique and innovative approach to building fiber-optic infrastructure.”

It is truly an innovative step and we will see whats to come for our Rancho Santa Fe community network.

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