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Ever dreamed of owning real estate in the illustrious Rancho Santa Fe CA? According to a recent article by Blanche Evans of, now may be the best time to make your move and purchase the house of which you’ve always dreamed!

Writes Evans: “The nature of market bottoms is that it’s hard to tell one’s occurred until prices and sales volume start to rise again. That’s why the best time to buy is when market conditions suggest a bottom.” As one would expect, Evans suggests that we are currently in a market bottom period. If this is indeed the case, it is a great time for potential real estate investors and homeowners to make their move.

However, there still exists some element of risk to this process. As we all known, real estate investing and home ownership is not an easily predictable market. Buying now would allow one access to interest rates and home prices well below previous years and rates, but there is no guarantee they will not continue to drop. “That means there’s still some risk for homebuyers, since no one has a crystal ball that predicts the future…you may have to take a risk, such as riding out another short-term dip in property values.”

Certainly, now is a good time to invest in real estate, or purchase that home you’ve always wanted. It is a risk, but there’s a good chance it will pay off big in the end. As written by Evans in her article: “Buyers could wait for better conditions, but the present alignment of falling mortgage interest rates, slower home prices, and larger selection is highly unlikely to reoccur.”

So what do you think? Is today is the today to make your move, and become a member of the Rancho Santa Fe Community? If so, be sure to contact our team at (858) 756-4024.

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