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The Benefits of Staging

Does STAGING your home make it more sellable?

By: Jason Barry

You bet it does – walking into a dark cluttered home with aroma of last night’s dinner is not that appealing to most potential buyers.  Rather a neutral citrus or Cinnamon scent will make your buyers want to stay.  Here are some helpful tips:

1.  Light is very important:  If your house is dark, dark walls, dark furniture, overgrown vegetation,  then you may need to think about painting your home a new neutral light color, also you may want to think about removing any big dark heavy furniture, especially dark draperies.

2.  Furniture placement – don’t walk into the furniture, place your heavy furniture to the side or place it in another room or in the garage and place two side chairs on either side of the fireplace – this will neutralize the weight and balance your scene.

3.  Try to erase the old Tuscan look and focus on neutral colors and eliminate a lot of furniture as “less is more”.

4.  If you have already reduced your asking price, and still no showings, then you may wish to consider “staging” for sure.

5.  Neutral colors will have the biggest impact to make homes more inviting and feel more spacious.  Neutral colors like beige, off white, light gray, etc., will make your home become more desirable.

6.  Once the rooms are arranged to capture the most light possible and a neutral color is chosen for painting, and the aroma of citrus or Cinnamon is present, then you need to look at the most popular style today and try to incorporate these ideas into each room too.

7.  Adding house plants brings in color as well a good source of Oxygen. Setting the dining room table for 4 or 6 with glamourous dishes, helps showoff your home.   Also music will keep people lingering longer.

8.  The outside is just as important as the inside and lawns should be trimmed and alive with green grass, colorful plants and freshly painted trim, front doors, and mail box, if needed.

This is just a start – Tips from the Top Agents.

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