What $1 Million Can Get You in Belize

Belize Luxury Real Estate

In stark contrast to the rising property prices in major cities across the world, it is now possible to own a luxury home in Belize for $1 million. With its beautiful natural amenities, English speaking population and low taxes on property, Belize has become a premier option for investment in luxury properties.

In cities like London or New York, the same amount will be able to fetch you a cramped apartment. A luxury home on the amazing and unspoilt Caribbean Islands is surely a value deal. If you are willing to spend $1 million on a home, wouldn’t it be great if you could purchase more than a home. This $1 million property in Belize has been listed in the latest report by Sancas Realty. It is an affiliate form of the Christie’s International Real Estate. The broker at Sancas Realty mentioned that Belize is gaining attention of investors globally. Slowly, savvy buyers are exploring the endless investment opportunities in Belize and surrounding areas. From second home buyers to real estate investors, Belize has appealing real estate options for everyone.

Reports reveal that the average cost of a luxury home in this tiny nation of Central America is less than $1 million.While in case of all other markets, the average cost of a luxury home is around $2 million. Thus, it can be said that Belize offers significant value in property, making it the upcoming luxury real estate market in the country. Over past years, Belize has received tremendous attention in media for its investment opportunities. Yet, Belize is still the best kept secret in real estate market of Caribbean.

Why Belize?

Being home to the largest barrier reef in the world, Belize has an outstanding natural system.  Belize consists of around 200 private islands that dot its coastline. Out of these 200 islands, only a small fraction of the islands have witnessed development and are in demand with international investors. Presence of sprawling estates of mountains and jungles along with beachfront properties give evidence of the strategic location of Belize. With the increasing media attention, several luxury-class services and inventory is seen developing in the country.

There are several other reasons for popularity of Belize with investors including its international airlift into a nation, presence of a stable government and being the only English-speaking country present in Central America and more.Cost of living in Belize is also comparatively low to other countries. Apart from these, proximity of Belize from North America has helped increase its attractiveness to international investors. Today, Belize is well connected to major cities like Houston and Los Angeles by direct flights.

The Cayo District and Placencia Peninsula are specific areas that are garnering international interest. Now, it is possible to find people fromTexas, Colorado, Wisconsin and Minnesota owning properties in Ambergris Caye. Placencia Peninsula has become the prime attraction of buyers from Guatemala due to its easy access by yatch.

Francis Ford Coppola, the renowned film director from America, owns a trio of luxury resorts in Belize. Purchased as a family holiday home in 1980s, he turned the property into a resort. Even, Leonardo Di Caprio with a business partner bought an undeveloped island on the northern coast of the country. Following the footsteps, several Hollywood celebrities have been spotted building luxury homes or resorts around Belize. It has now generated interest of several investors from U.S. and Canada.

Belize is world-class a Caribbean vacation spot! From people looking for a laid back vacation to an adventure, Belize has something to offer everyone. With its fun filled water sports and archaeological and natural treasures, Belize has attracted investors with its friendliness and charm. Good value property deals are surely not hard to find in this Central American country.

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