According to a recent study on the global prime property market, ‘Trophy’ has become the new buzzword in Luxury Real Estate. More than ever before, properties were both sold and listed for sale at $100 million or higher 2014. With the tech industry consistently growing as well, the list of number of billionaires keeps expanding.

The 80-acre course, Farms Golf Course in Rancho Santa Fe, just got a colorful makeover. Well, their sprinklers did at least. On Thursday April 30, they put purple markers on nearly every valve throughout the course. The markers on the valves indicate recycled water. Troy Mullane, the course director of maintenance, helped oversee the seven-year […]

The property is large at over 2 ½ acres offering privacy BUT the maintenance is minimal because only about ¾’s of an acre is actually landscaped and the rest is just natural vegetation. The location is as convenient as any property (two minutes to Interstate 5) in southern California but the rural setting provides a peaceful and tranquil environment. At about 6,000 square feet the home has ample space for a large family and the entire guest bedroom wing and guest house can be separated when not in use saving considerably on utilities.

The goal of the Rancho Santa Fe Women’s Fund is to inspire more women to get involved with philanthropy.  The Fund now has 120 members, and has grown substantially since 2004, when its 53 charter members granted $100,000 to four organizations.  Last year, the foundation awarded six grants to charities and programs that work to […]

If there’re two things the Rancho Santa Fe community’s proud history is full of, it’s luxury real estate and exquisitely decorated homes. As is to be expected, this is the perfect recipe for creating one thing: antiques. Recently, Rancho Santa Fe’s very own Connie and Bill McNally announced the opening of a new venture: McNally’s Rancho Santa Fe (RSF) Estate Auctions. With June 21st-22nd set as the date for the first auction, the McNallys are eager to get started with this blooming enterprise. Though it is new ground, the couple will not be entirely in uncharted territory as they are both known internationally as experienced luxury estate and Antique dealers.

Animal lovers and party-goers are invited to take a journey to Wonderland at the Helen Woodward Animal Center 26th Annual Spring Fling Gala, presented by EDCO. The Mad Hatter Fling Committee host an unforgettable black-tie event “Down the Rabbit Hole.” This year, the Center’s largest fundraiser will commence on Saturday, June 7, from 5:30 p.m. to midnight at Fairbanks Village Plaza in Rancho Santa Fe. KUSI’s Dave Scott and Jack FM’s Shelly Dunn will emcee the event together.

His original attempt to sell the 3 bedroom, 6-bath Luxury California Home in 2009 was unsuccessful, probably due to the home’s personal décor including crushed velvet, and monogramed throw pillows. But the newly remodeled house features neutral colors, and modern lines that appeal to a much wider market.

The wealth of investment in luxury real estate from affluent Russian, Chinese, and English foreigners has created an influx of speculatory luxury home building. Over the past several years many real estate developers saw luxury properties being snatched up throughout the United States. They ascertained that the market was rebounding, and began building high-end homes without the promise of an immediate buyer. Their gamble paid off as the luxury market has been booming, and inventory levels throughout the country has been decreasing.

On Saturday, April 12, Rancho Santa Fe was host to Concourse D’Elegance, an exclusive show of rare and exotic cars. The Concourse passed through Rancho Santa Fe Saturday morning and made a pit stop to view Billy and Susan Walter’s spectacular rebuilt Estate atop 9 all usable panoramic view Covenant acres at 5425 Los Mirlitos where […]

Behind an improved economy and increasing home prices many cities are seeing a boom in their luxury real estate market, which came back with a vengeance in 2013. Luxury homes showed sales levels not seen in over 6 years when 42,506 homes were purchased at a price of $1 million or more. As of year-end […]